Services for Children & Parents

Services for Children and Parents

We truly enjoy working with children and families! At Kaleidoscope, it is our goal to help all families be healthy and happy! Addressing social and coping skill issues, behavioral and interpersonal challenges early in a safe environment will allow your child and your family to thrive.

We specialize in using creative, engaging ways to help children and parents learn techniques to help them achieve their goals. We use coaching and goal setting as well as other modalities, such as play, art and yoga. We are creative, energetic, and engaging. During both individual and group sessions, children and parents engage in creative activities , play and games which allow them to integrate and practice coping/life skills, strategies, and techniques that they can use in their daily lives! Activities help children and parents to express feelings, implement new skills, and put into practice the skills they work on in session. We believe it is important to have fun as you acquire new skills!

Common goals for children include:
Improving social skills (or social skill enrichment)
Developing anger management strategies
Managing anxiety or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Improving parent and child relationships
Increasing communication between family members
Coping with transitions (such as a new school)
Coping with divorce or family changes
Making & maintaining friendships
Improving self-esteem & confidence
Expressing feelings appropriately
Behavior Concerns i.e. tantrums, whining, biting, listening, following directions, etc.

Common goals for parents include:
Addressing separation anxiety
Balancing parenthood with work and life
Achieving a balanced discipline/parenting style
Parenting “in sync” with partner
Learning to have fun with your child(ren)
 Self-care
Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
Understanding appropriate logical and natural consequences for behaviorWe offer individual and group coaching for children and parents.

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